Our Story

Your Dream, We Actualize.

What is that our customers want? This is the question we constantly ask ourselves as we endeavor to understand and meet our customer’s needs. For some homeowners, it’s creativity, and for others, it’s a home that responds to contemporary living.

Whatever it is, we constantly adapt ourselves to provide the solutions our clients need. The ever-growing team of sales consultants and in-house designers in our showroom is always ready to provide assistance to our customers and the projects we undertake.

Having honed our expertise in both the commercial and residential fields, we continue to strive to offer even better service with our E-care department aiding in providing after-sales service. This value-added service ensures that our customers are followed up on even after their projects are completed.


Ultimately, we aim to provide homes that would exceed the customer’s expectations;
a homes that would speak of their personality.

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AC Vision specialises in renovation projects and offers services in interior design, carpentry and painting services, and electrical works.

With our niche in the Singapore market, AC Vision believes that it is a great responsibility to take charge of living space. Our experienced team never fails to transform plain spaces into liveable, aesthetically pleasing, and practical homes that you will feel most at ease with.

At AC Vision, we only use quality and durable materials and dishing out only our best service attitude when dealing with clients, transforming their ideal concepts and ideas of their dream homes into reality.

Services Provided:

  • Interior Design & Finishes

  • 3D Conceptualisation

  • M&E Works

  • Renovation Project

  • After-sale Service